Employability and Employment Centre

Employability and Employment Centre ("E2C") is the first structured autism-focused centre in Singapore that offers job assessment, training, placement and job support services to people on the autism spectrum.

E2C offers services for employers who are interested in hiring people on the spectrum in their companies.

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Beneficiaries Served


Beneficiaries Trained


Beneficiaries Placed in Employment


Beneficiaries Supported in Employment
as at 31 Mar 2019


New Employer Partners

  • AVE23 Pte Ltd (OpenTaste)
  • CaptionCube Pte Ltd
  • FEX Springleaf Prata Place Pte Ltd
  • Prof Brawn Ltd
  • Singapore Telecommunications Ltd
New Employer Partners

48 New Hires

  • 35 new hires by 11 existing employer partners
  • 13 new hires by 6 new employer partners
New Hires

IT Interest Club

A pilot collaboration with National University School (School of Computing) to provide IT training courses to adult beneficiaries. Our beneficiaries were paired with NUS student mentors in the programme. The course includes topics such as:

  • Basic Robotics
  • JavaScript
  • Web Development
IT Interest Club

Future Plans for E2C

  • Increase the number of adults assessed and supported in jobs
  • Develop more training and jobs in technology and cybersecurity sectors
  • Develop more jobs under ARC’s social enterprises
  • Internships for students in Institutes of Higher Learning
Future Plans for E2C