Autism Intervention, Training and Consultancy

The Autism Intervention, Training and Consultancy (AITC) was set up to provide training, consultancy and direct intervention services to professionals, caregivers and individuals on the autism spectrum.

ARC’s team of practitioner-trainers and autism consultants seek to equip all participants with the knowledge, skills and tools to effectively and appropriately support and guide persons on the autism spectrum across the different stages of their lives.

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FY2019/2020 Highlights

Signature Training Programmes:

  • Certificate in Autism
  • Higher Certificate in Autism
  • Supporting Complex Behaviours of Students with Autism
  • Working with Adolescents and Young Adults with Autism – An Introductory Course for Day Activity Centre Personnel
  • Autism Workshops for Caregivers and Professionals
Regular Signature Training Programmes

Asia Pacific Autism Conference 2019

ARC(S) organised the Asia Pacific Autism Conference held in Singapore from 20 to 22 June 2019 at Resorts World Convention Centre.

Drawing 1,856 delegates from the region, this was the first time the conference was held outside of Australia.

The theme of the conference, “Thriving with Autism”, drew participation from caregivers, professionals, researchers, and autistic individuals from over 30 countries. The conference also saw a total of 228 experts from around the world giving oral and poster presentations. Keynote and plenary speakers included autism experts from countries such as the USA, UK, Europe, India, Malaysia and Singapore.

Pre- Conference Learning Journeys and Masterclasses were conducted with 756 participants. Best practices were showcased through specially organised learning journeys hosted by various participating schools and centres from member organisations of the Autism Network Singapore.

Asia Pacific Autism Conference 2019

FY2020/2021 Plans

  • Autism Expert Webinar Series by global autism experts.
  • Expansion of training courses and programmes to serve a wider target audience, including individuals on the autism spectrum.
  • Develop more blended learning and modular learning options to provide flexibility and choice.
Future Plans