WeCAN Early Intervention Programme (EIP)

WeCAN Early Intervention Programme (EIP) provides autism early intervention for young children on the autism spectrum below 7 years of age.

The mission of WeCAN EIP is to provide quality early intervention for young children on the autism spectrum and equip their caregivers with the skills that will help these children reach their full potential. WeCAN EIP continues to be the only early intervention programme in Asia to be accredited by the National Autistic Society (United Kingdom) (NAS). NAS is one of the largest autism bodies in the world and is renowned for its autism programmes and research.

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FY2019/2020 Highlights

Improved Student Outcomes

Through an autism-focused curriculum, 100% of the students and families achieved significant progress in the intervention goals. The students also moved on to appropriate post early intervention settings to continue their learning journeys.

Improved Student Outcomes

Program Satisfaction

84% of parents shared that they were satisfied with the programme and their engagement with their children had also improved.

Program Satisfaction

Preschool Support Successful Pilot

WeCAN EIP successfully piloted a preschool support programme (Development Support Plus). Our staff worked closely with teachers in the mainstream kindergartens and childcare to support the learning and social needs of our students. This has encouraged greater awareness and inclusion amongst the preschools.

Preschool Support Successful Pilot

FY2020/2021 Plans

  • Full implementation of a continuum of programmes to better cater to the diverse support needs of the students.
  • Pilot a programme to support families of younger children under 2 years old on the autism spectrum.
  • Programme efficacy focusing on holistic outcomes for every child and family.
Future Plans