Social and Leisure Club

The Social Leisure Club (SLC) provides an avenue for youths and adults on the autism spectrum to meet on a regular basis in a safe, autism-friendly environment. Taking part in leisure activities encourages lifelong learning and promotes healthy lifestyles and social interaction among members.

SLC members always look forward to these once-a-month outings when they get to watch movies, go on picnics or engage in other outdoor activities. Members socialise, forge friendships and develop camaraderie with one another during these outings.

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Members Served

FY2019/2020 Highlights

Club Attendance

Attendance has been very encouraging with more than 75% of volunteers and members regularly turning up for the activities.

Club Attendance
9th Anniversary Celebration

SLC marked its 9th anniversary this year with a small celebration.

9th Anniversary Celebration
FY2020/2021 Plans

Until recently, all SLC activities have taken place in large group settings. In view of the COVID-19 pandemic and safe-distancing regulations, SLC will be running programmes on online platforms instead.

The Club will continue to sustain the interests of the members through new programmes and interest groups.

Future Plans