Employability and Employment Centre

Employability and Employment Centre (E2C) is the first structured autism-focused centre in Singapore that offers job assessment, training, placement and job support services to people on the autism spectrum.

E2C also offers services for employers who are interested in hiring people on the spectrum in their companies.

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New Beneficiaries Served


Beneficiaries Trained


Beneficiaries Placed in Employment


Beneficiaries Supported in Employment
as at 31 Mar 2020

FY2019/2020 Highlights

New Employer Partners

  • Arkademie Pte Ltd
  • Avanade Asia Pte Ltd
  • Energy Wave Worldwide Pte Ltd
  • Pan Pacific Singapore
  • Parkway Hospitals Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Trusted Hub Ltd
  • Visa Worldwide Pte Ltd
New Employer Partners

50 Beneficiaries Employed by New and Existing E2C Employer Partners

  • 32 new hires by 10 existing employer partners
  • 18 new hires by 7 new employer partners
50 New Hires

FY2020/2021 Plans

  • Expand training and jobs opportunities in emerging industries.
  • Develop new employment models with training and support for jobs under ARC’s social enterprises.
  • Enhance online training to better meet the needs and aspirations of E2C’s beneficiaries.
Future Plans

Our Client's Voices

For me, being able to work has helped me to be meaningfully occupied, thus giving me a sense of fulfilment. I can also be more financially independent. I also get to interact with people.

Qin Min has shown more awareness of his responsibilities and is more mature now. He is better able to manage his time. He keeps track of his morning routine independently, such as waking up on his own by setting his alarm, having his breakfast and taking a short rest before he heads out for work. He has shared with me that he was very pleased that he was able to meet his work targets. The supportive work environment has helped him a lot too.

The E2C programme has given me opportunities to explore my career options and learn new skills to find employment. Working at Professor Brawn for the past several months has been fulfilling. I learned new hard and soft skills that I could apply in my daily life and in future work environments. It is a stepping block to better myself and I hope to achieve my full potential by applying what I've learned at future work environments.