Autism Intervention, Training and Consultancy

The Autism Intervention, Training and Consultancy (AITC) was set up to provide training and consultancy services for professionals and caregivers, as well as direct intervention services for individuals on the autism spectrum.

ARC’s team of practitioner-trainers and autism consultants seeks to equip professionals, caregivers, employer partners and the wider community with knowledge, skills and tools.

The team aims to effectively and appropriately support and guide persons on the autism spectrum across the different stages of their lives.

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FY2021/2022 Highlights

Signature Training Programmes

The Certificate in Autism programme runs five specialised strands for practitioners in early intervention, special education, special education (national curriculum), job coaching and day activity centres.

Training was conducted online as the COVID pandemic entered the second year.

A total of 170 were trained and successfully completed the Certificate in Autism course.

Signature Training Programmes

Workshops by Global Practitioners

Newly curated workshops and webinars by experienced global practitioners were offered to empower professionals and parents/caregivers in the community. These were in the areas of autism and females, as well as specific strategies for social-communication and engagement and sensory behaviour.

Workshops by Global Practitioners

Lifelong Learning for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum

New courses for individuals on the autism spectrum were offered during the period as part of strategic focus to encourage lifelong learning. Five core areas of learning have been identified in independent living, career, leadership, wellness and information and communications technology.

Lifelong Learning for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum