WeCAN Early Intervention Programme (EIP)

The mission of WeCAN EIP is to provide quality early intervention for young children under seven years, on the autism spectrum, and equip their caregivers with the skills that will help them reach their full potential.

ARC firmly believes that early intervention and caregiver involvement makes a huge difference in improving the long-term outcomes of children during their later years. The programme considers each young learner’s needs and engages both the children and their families on a journey of learning for long-term independence

Individualised early intervention plans are professionally formulated in consultation with parents. Transition planning to cope with the demands and challenges of the various stages of a person’s life is an important and continuing conversation with families.

A comprehensive continuum of programme options serves and supports the children and their families through different learning contexts. These include:

  • “Under Two’s” program for the very young children
  • Development Support Plus (DS Plus) programme for children in mainstream preschools
  • Transition support for children moving on to other mainstream primary and special education schools

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Children Served


of Children Assisted Financially

FY2021/2022 Highlights

Student Outcomes

  • The programme provided intervention support to 117 young lives and their families.
  • 95% made significant progress on their goals.
  • 30 children progressed successfully to mainstream primary and special education schools.
Student Outcomes

Strong Partnership and Engagement with Parents and Families

  • 98% satisfaction rate from parents who reported positive outcomes on progress in their children.

Parent engagement and participation are critical to the learning outcomes of the children.

EIP equips parents with teaching strategies through regular one-on-one sessions, the bi-annual Parent Communication Night and parent empowerment workshops.

Strong Partnership and Engagement with Parents and Families