Social and Leisure Club

The Social Leisure Club (SLC) provides an avenue for youths and adults on the autism spectrum to meet on a regular basis in a safe and autism-friendly environment. It aims to encourage life-long learning, promote a healthy lifestyle and social interaction amongst members whilst engaging in leisure activities.

SLC members look forward to meeting every Saturday with a once-a-month outings when they get together to watch movies, go on picnics or engage in other outdoor activities. Members socialise, interact and build bonds of friendship with one another during these activities.

SLC has a pool of regular and committed volunteers to support these activities on Saturday mornings. The volunteers encourage the members to be independent and also play the role of confidants to members in their social, educational and even NS lives. They often participate in the activities together with the members. This results in better rapport with members and in turn build trust with the volunteers

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FY2021/2022 Highlights
  • Due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions on large group gatherings, SLC activities were suspended for the first 10 months of the year.
  • Activities were relaunched in Feb 2022 after a hiatus of two years with a return of 50 members to SLC with great enthusiasm
SLC activities were relaunched