Pathlight School

Pathlight School is the first autism-focused school in Singapore that offers the Singapore national curriculum to students, aged 7 to 18.

Pathlight School offers a unique blend of mainstream academics leading to PSLE and GCE ‘N’ and ‘O’ level certification, as well as life-readiness skills.

As at January 2022, Pathlight School is operating in 3 locations and across 3 satellite partner schools:

Pathlight Campuses and Satellite Partner Schools

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FY2021/2022 Highlights

Steady Demand for Pathlight’s Brand of Education

Pathlight continued to see a strong demand for its brand of education. Enrolment in 2022 grew from 1,766 to 1,858 students.

A total of 229 new students (as of 31 March 2022) enrolled in Pathlight in Academic Year 2022. The bulk of admissions was for Primary 1.

Steady Demand for Pathlight’s Brand of Education

Learning in the “New Normal”

Blended learning became a norm. Students participated in a combination of face-to-face and online learning.

To ensure that learning continued at home, enskilling parents to partner School in their child’s education became more critical. A new Parents’ Empowerment Workshop series to equip parents with autism and teaching strategies was launched.

New Normal

National Examination Results

A total of 220 students took the various national examinations in 2021. The Primary 6 students who took the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) in 2021 formed the first batch under the new Achievement Levels scoring system. They achieved similar stellar results as previous years. 100% of the GCE cohort were also eligible to progress to their next education levels as follows:



Eligible to progress to Mainstream Secondary Schools

GCE ‘N’ Levels


Eligible to progress to next level of education and Institutes of Higher Learning

GCE ‘O’ Levels


Eligible to progress to Institutes of Higher Learning

Exit Pathways for
Vocational Track Graduating Cohort

89 students (5% of Pathlight’s total enrolment) were in the Vocational Track. To prepare students for employment, all students under the internship programme were trained in interview skills.

They went through a simulated interview at the start of each internship attachment and were taught to assess their job fit according to their interests and strengths.

The School saw good results from the 2021 Vocational Track graduating cohort. 63% of them were eligible for work-related placements. This was more than double the national employment average of 28.2% for Persons with Disabilities.


Students doing
Employability Training at E2C


Students doing
School-to-Work Programme


Students in Sheltered Workshops


Students in Day Activity Centres


In Other Arrangements

Student and School Achievements

Singapore Primary Science Olympiad 2021
  • 1 Silver Award
  • 2 Merit Awards
Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools 2021
  • 2 Bronze Awards
National Mathematical Olympiad Singapore 2021
  • 4 Bronze Awards
Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Secondary School 2021
  • 1 Gold Award
Ministry of Education Animation and Game-Making Competition 2021
  • 1 Gold Award in Animation
  • 1 Gold Award in Game-Making
Scouts Chief Commissioner’s Award

This is the highest award that a Scout can attain at Secondary School Level

  • 6 Awardees
Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Virtual Art Exhibition 2021

Three artworks by Pathlight students were among 260 artworks showcased at exhibition

  • 1 Certificate of Recognition (Special Mention)
  • 1 Certificate of Recognition
  • 1 Certificate of Participation
Friend of Singa
  • 15 Certificates of Achievement

Pathlight Signature Programmes:
Artist Development Programme

The Artist Development Programme (ADP) was initiated in 2011 to promote the artistic talents in students.

Under this programme, student and alumni artists are coached and mentored by professional artists in numerous art media and genres. They are given opportunities to participate in public exhibitions and community art events.

Some of their works have been curated and incorporated into high quality merchandise sold under The Art Faculty (TAF). They earn royalties from sale of their artworks and merchandise.

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Student Artist Talents


Exhibitions / Events in 2021/2022

FY2021/2022 Highlights for ADP

Certificate in Fine Art (Introduction) Programme

The Certificate in Fine Art (Introduction) Programme is a customised programme developed by ADP in partnership with the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA)’s Centre for Lifelong Education. Its objective is to bring ADP artists to a higher level in art education. As of 31 March 2022, 21 artists had completed the programme.

Certificate in Fine Art (Introduction) Programme
Photo by Lindagengyan from Wikimedia Commons

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)-Singapore’s AR-mazing Tiger Trail

Six ADP artists joined global and local artists in decorating life-sized tiger sculptures to raise awareness about tiger conservation and the impact of climate change on tigers.

AR-mazing Tiger Trail
Photo by Temenggong Artists-in-Residence from Facebook

Art exchange programme with Rikuzentakata, Japan

Four ADP artists participated in the exchange programme. Their works were featured in an exhibition in Rikuzentakata on 6 March 2022 to commemorate the inauguration of Rikuzentakata’s City Hall.

Art exchange programme with Rikuzentakata, Japan
Photo by Fimihiro Ono from Google Map

Pathlight Signature Programmes:
Information Technology &
Design Academy

ITDA provides students with meaningful and up-to-date IT & Design courses delivered by professional trainers using autism-friendly pedagogy. It aims to close the digital divide for students with special needs and enable them to be more than just end users, but creators of their own apps.

ITDA trainers conduct courses as part of Pathlight School’s curriculum and oversee IT-related co-curricular activities and school holiday workshops.

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Holiday Workshops


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FY2021/2022 Highlights for ITDA

Mobile Applications Published on App Store

Four Secondary 3 Pathlighters from the school’s SWIFT Accelerator Programme successfully created and published mobile applications on Apple App Store.

Pathlight School was the first SPED school to partner Apple for the SWIFT Accelerator Programme in 2019.


Mobile Applications Published

Pathlight Signature Programmes:
Learn for Life eCampus

Learn for Life eCampus aims to provide 24/7 access to important life skills and online courses for students, families and educators. The platform will be instrumental in developing students to be self-directed learners in the digital world. In 2021, eCampus refreshed their course offerings, ranging from academics to life skills.

The number of courses published on eCampus have since doubled over the year. Enrolment has also increased by more than 65%.

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Courses Published


Courses in Development


Enrolled Learners